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Preferred Event Space

Looking for an event space?

Brought to you by the creative minds behind experiential event company Fresh Wata, StarBase is the world’s first private and public hybrid entertainment and event space located in Las Vegas. Move through space, both physically and virtually, while engaging your senses and feeding your imagination. The stylish Las Vegas location boasts 8,000 square feet of future-forward event spaceFourteen TVs, five projectors, two stages, ten themed spacious rooms, two outdoor event lots, live streaming equipment, and fiber optic internet. Located within walking distance of Allegiant Stadium, StarBase seamlessly blends any live, hybrid, or virtual event.

Stream content to Facebook, Twitch, or directly into the building. Welcome an unlimited online audience to take part in every experience regardless of location. When not booked for private events, the space is open to the public for special programming like live entertainment, crafting events, StarFire, Plant-Based Sundays, and other community-driven events.

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